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Discipline & Counselling

Fostering a caring campus with discipline & support network to facilitate personal growth & good interpersonal relationship by:

  1. Maintaining the positive school culture of discipline and order by fostering the core values of self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, sense of belonging and respect for others and school authority;

  2. Facilitating new students’ adaptation to the campus life with a comprehensive bridging and developmental programs for F1;

  3. Empowering form teachers in the provision of pastoral care: co-form teachers in all forms; support for them in taking up the dual roles in discipline and counseling;

  4. Setting up a pyramid support network, involving whole-school approach, to render timely support to students;

  5. Creating a supportive peers network across senior and junior forms;

  6. Offering support to students with special educational needs and fostering the culture of integration.


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